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The writers are not all that knowledgeable...
That's been my experience too.

I read a recent review of a Caracal pistol from Gun Tests and noted the following errors among others.

The reviewer stated that the steel slide rails were molded into the plastic. Field stripping the gun clearly reveals that they are part of a removable steel receiver unit that is pinned into the polymer grip frame.

The reviewer stated that the rear sight was part of the slide cap. Again, a simple field strip makes it obvious that there is no slide cap, the rear sight is part of a fairly large removable steel unit that is pinned into the slide and contains the firing pin and firing pin safety.

Don't even get me started on the accuracy testing they were doing from a rest at 15 yards against turning targets that limited the number of shots they could get off.

I soured on the magazine many years ago when a reviewer panned a Makarov pistol because they said the safety lever came off when they twisted it the wrong way. Of course it does--that's how you remove the safety lever from the gun. He failed to mention that there is a spring detent which prevents the safety from being twisted around backwards by accident.
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