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Hunting with pistol caliber carbines

I was working up some loads for my 94 Trapper in 45 Colt. I've found a couple good recipes for 250 gr SST at 1650 fps and 300 gr XTPs at 1440 fps. That's certainly enough to take the cocker spaniel sized deer in Texas and would do the trick on piggies too. I know I could push them harder but I don't see the point in it. Using fatties like these is kinda like bowling for Bambi as it is. There's no need for anti-tank munitions.
The SSTs that I use are the Hornady muzzle loading bullets that can be set at the perfect length to cycle in the lever action, fit in a big Ruger revolver, and still crimp before the ogive. It's a tough bullet to seat to length in a 45 Colt case.

I was thinking about trying similar loads with the same weight lead bullets.

For those of you who use pistol caliber carbines, what kind of loads do you use on different game? What about bullets? Lead? Hunting oriented JHPs (certainly no soft self defense stuff)? Squishy tipped pointy bullets?
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