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Well said. One clarification however. The F model is 18+1, the C is 15+1.
That is correct--I'll edit my post to make that clear.
a to 6-to-6 tie with Glock by my read.
Dunno. It's definitely cheaper which is a major plus. The accessory availability, cost are pretty big negatives and will outweigh the initial cost benefit in short order if you try to stock up on magazines.

For me, tinkerer that I am, the roll pins are a pretty serious negative. Not only are they metric, at least one of them is a nonstandard length which means it's nearly impossible to get unless Caracal USA stocks them. For most gun owners, it's a total non-issue because they'll never take their gun apart past the field strip level.

One other thing I forgot in my other list is that the trigger seems to have very little or no overtravel which I find, in general, to be a big positive when shooting pistols.
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