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Well, here’s a chance for some of you S&W experts to school me about what may be an urban legend I heard when I was an impressionable ‘young’ man.

(And I’ll be disappointed but I promise I’ll try not to let my feelings get hurt if this story is pure balderdash.)

The story is that when new S&W revolvers came in at the local hardware store they were inspected really closely and when a real clunker showed up that obviously was not up to spec the store notified their best customers who would snap it up and send it back to S&W where some of the same guys that worked in the Performance Center would correct the issue with the revolver and usually ‘clean up’ anything else they saw that didn’t meet their standards. The results were that for buying a clunker at regular price you got back a pretty slick gun.

I guess the true/false question would hinge on did the same guys do warrantee work that did the custom work at S&W?
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