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I don't hunt or shoot competitively. My firearms priorities, in order, are:

1. Self/family defense: home
2. Self/family defense: concealed carry
3. Self/family defense: extreme circumstances
4. Recreation

I prefer handguns for home defense. I like the ease of operation in close quarters, capacity, familiarity (training cost makes it easy to maintain skills), and the ease with which I can safely store and access loaded defensive tools for my girlfriend and I. We don't need to get out of bed to get to weapons, and we didn't have to do anything special to arrange that access.

Because handguns are so easy to have on or around me, I have always been driven to invest time in them. No matter where I may need a firearm, I will have a handgun.

The constant presence of my handguns makes them very personal to me. I view long guns as 'occasional companions', and less necessary to me.
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