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Taurus's "exploding watermellons in the dark parking garage" ad vid for the Taurus Judge rubbed me the wong way: they touted the Judge as the Bee's Knees for self defense, when in fact there are much better choices, both for terminal ballistics and size/weight of gun..... they targeted that ad at the the "ballistic innumerati", counting on exploding watermellons to sell their cheap guns..... and it worked. The fact that they got voted "Handgun of the Year" by a major gunrag ... when the gun itself was nothing more than a reheated novelty, but the ad campaign was ..... very successful.... still turns my stomach to this day: somewhere, someday there is going to be somebody that gets killed trying to stop a determined crankhead with an underpowered 1/2 ounce load of birdshot...... they are going to be just perplexed as to why this methhead is beating them to death with their own gun when they put two (TWO!!!!!!1111111!!!) shots to CoM and that dude's chest did NOT fly apart like those watermellons on Youtube .....
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