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I qualify myself as MORE than eligible to post in this thread.....because Ive experienced both sides of this coin in both semi auto and revolver...

But before I post, these are my personal opinions and EVERYONE is going to experience a lemon or two here and there. It happens. Its when multiple lemons consistently coming off an assembly line that's the real issue. So...with that said...

1) My first revolver was a Taurus Ultra Light 357 mag. 2" snubby. All I can say is I shot multiple ammo, multiple grains and round types.....and that gun fired dead on with ZERO wiggle in the cylinder gap when you set it in place. When I sold it it fired just as good before I put 2000 rounds through it. It was a truly amazing gun and very well built.

2) My 2nd Taurus just 2 years ago was a brand new Taurus model 66 in 357 mag...the full size 6" barrel. When I first bought was big, controllable, light, crisp and tight as hell. ZERO wiggle in the cylinder gap once the cylinder was set in place. Then.....not long after I bought it and got about 300 rounds in it.... lead shavings began appearing because the cylnder got mushy and has at least a full millimeter of play. Well, by the time I approached about 600 rounds it was not cycling when I pulled the hammer back. Got hung up on the same 2 cylinder chambers each time. When I went to sell it...the Smith told me this was a troubling trend he saw with similar Taurus models.

3) of just a month ago I decided to give Taurus one last chance and picked up the PT809 semi auto 9mm at a GREAT sale price (around $350). Well...I am here to report that thig gun is quickly becoming my favorite full size 9mm range gun that I have EVER owned. The trigger alone makes it worth it. Clean crisp break and reset....smooth pull....the whole works. So far Im up to 500 rounds of 115gr ball ammo and not a single hiccup...nothign but tight groups and consistent ejections & feeding. I SERIOUSLY GIVE THIS GUN 5 STARS!

So...only time will tell and we shall see. This gun will be my make it or break it as far as Taurus is concerned. I even did a quick video review on it in my sig...nothing fancy but exposes the gun for everything it's worth. Ill do a range trip soon and try to tape it.
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