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I bought two new Remington rifles last year that were faulty and needed to go back to the factory. First, I had a Model Seven where the head space was off and I could barely cycle the bolt after firing it. To Big Green's credit, they repaired it in a timely manner. Second, I had a 597 that threw an ejector plunger spring on the third round so the factory sent a new bolt for me to install. Then I could not zero the iron sights because the front sight was off-center by five degrees so the factory installed a new barrel. Finally, I could not zero after market sights because the receiver dovetails were also off center.

I think that quality control has dropped under The Freedom Group. I am sure that Remington will improve their QC, but for now I am steering clear of their products. I had a 1997 700ADL that was accurate, well made, and never failed to function. I look forward to owning another 700 after Remington cleans up its act.
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