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The writers are not all that knowledgeable, and their conclusions ultimately are based more on their biases and prejudices than on the factual results of their testing. It's not unusual to read the final recommendation and wonder who the heck they reached that conclusion based on the facts they presented.

Also -- they lie. They claim they are totally impartial because they buy the guns they test. A couple or three years ago, they totally trash-mouthed some pistol. I don't recall the brand, but the manufacturer wrote to take them to task for it. They claimed they stood by their statements -- whereupon the manufacturer produced photographs of the SAME pistol (same serial number) being tested by another publication, for which publication it exhibited none of the problems allegedly uncovered by Gun Tests. As far as I know, they have not to this day acknowledged that they lied about having bought that test gun on the open market.

IMHO they have exactly zero credibility.

Scroll down abut five posts, to the one by member name "foob."

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