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RO DVD Review

I’ve been shooting competition a long time. Even coached the AK NG Rifle Team for about 15 years, but mostly High Power/Service Rifle.

I never was much into using a bipod, concentrating mostly on using slings.

Most people don’t shoot with slings, especially in Precision Rifle Shooting. I was a hold out until I bought a DVD Video from “Rifles Only” – “Precision Rifle Disk 1, Fundamentals.

This DVD is well worth the purchase for anyone who in interested in precision rifle shooting.

Desk 1 deals with “loading the bipod” as well as fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, Sight Picture, Sight Alignement, Trigger control and follow through.

Jacob Bynum is an excellent instructor (based on this DVD). Presents the material in a clear, easy to understand format.

Being a position shooter, I never understood nor cared for, the concept of “getting behind” the rifle and loading the bipod, until I watched this DVD.

The main topic of the DVD is keeping the rifle perfectly perpendicular to the target before, during and after the target, keeping the recoil from disturbing the shot.

Understand, I have no interest in Rifles Only, the only contact was via watching this DVD, which in fact, is contrary to my normal method of shooting.

Goes to prove an old dog can learn new tricks. Can’t wait until the next in series DVD comes out.

Well worth looking into.
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