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Hi, I'm relatively new to handguns and 100% new to this site. We just purchased a Ruger SR22 handgun. We had no problems the first hundred rounds, but then we noticed the bullets were tumbling. Since the gun was under warranty we sent it back to Ruger and they 'fixed it' saying we should change ammo. So we did. After about 100 rounds (Remington thunderbolts 40 grain) we noticed they are tumbling again! Since we are rookies, I'm looking for advice. All the reviews I have read about this gun say nothing but good things so I really think its operator error (crappy ammo??) anyone have any thoughts?
There's your problem right there. Thunderbolts do the same thing for me after a few boxes no matter what gun I use. They lead up the barrel really quickly and it's a pain to scrub out. I don't bother with them any more.
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