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Does the .327 Federal Magnum have any knock down power?
Knock down power?

No such animal, this side of small cannons launching explosive projectiles scoring direct hits.

With the borderline of significant hydrostaic shock at 2200+ ft/sec for a 150 gr projectile.... 100 gr @ 1400 f/sec is not going to knock anybody down that does not expect to be knocked down.

In a carry sized gun, it's a small frame equivalent of a .357 magnum, giving 6 instead of 5.

In a 5+ inch gun, muzzle energy nearly doubles, and it really comes into it's own realm....

I'd love to see a levergun w/ a 16" barrel chambered for this ..... who am I kidding? I'd love to see a Mare's Leg SBR with, say... a 10" tube.....
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