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I tend to agree with your position on the Guncrafter Industries 1911. I was fortunate enough to own one for about a year.

Very nice 1911...but it was a $3000 1911 (bought used).

And honestly, it was not so much nicer than my DW, my Baer or my S&Ws and Kimbers, all of which were (give or take) $1000 1911s. Maybe you think that I cannot discern the difference, and you may be right. But... I have been shooting 1911s since ~1964 or so, and have owned a whole bunch of them since.

I don't claim to be an expert on 1911s, but I have spent a lot of time reading about and working on them...and have spent a lot of time and money on 1911s in the last 25 years.

As far as Colt goes, yeah, I have owned three of them. Note the use of the past tense.

I am in no hurry to own a fourth. Same thing for Springfield. Three down, none to go.

Do a lot of reading, and shoot everything you can. Then make up your own mind.
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