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.204 Suggestions

Okay, this is a 'wish list' kind of thing, so I'm not looking to do anything anytime this season. But I do want to start thinking about it. I am (slowly) working on distances 300 to 500 yards. (I think it's going to be awhile before I go for much further.) For hunting I'm 'good enough'. That is, I don't shoot unless I know it is safe and I can kill it. I've never had an animal, fox size or larger, fall further than 30' from where it was hit. Most just drop. My max comfort level is 300 yards give-or-take a little. So I want to get that out of the way. It's not what I'm asking about.

I've found an older buddy/mentor that's into varmint shooting, bench rest, and reloading. I like the 6mm BR and 25.06, but for 500 yards and closer, but I've become really really intrigued by the .204. For what I might loose in tack driving ability, I (think) I gain more back from being able to keep the target in the scope and watch the bullet hit it's mark (or where it hits if it misses). So I'm thinking, if I were to go for a .204, how should I go about it?

What would be the top factory rifles? What would be the pick if I were later to get a custom barrel placed on it, better trigger, etc. Where should I start and how would I progress? What do I need to be considering?

Obviously this is such a noob question, but I would certainly appreciate some starting points.

As always, thank you in advance,
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