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I have a bunch of choke tubes. Extended and flush. Different gauges. All are marked Full, Improved Modified, Skeet, etc. Not one is ported or has a fancy name. I have tubes made by Remington, Carlsons, Colonial, Briley, and Trulock that I can think of offhand, and I have had Brownings and Berettas. All perform exactly as one would expect based on the constriction versus bore, assuming you have done enough shooting to know what to expect. I used to have a bunch of custom bored tubes to match up with my overbored barrels with specific shot sizes. I shot thousands of patterns. I was after the last 1%, and I am confident I got it. You can spend as much as you want, but I think most of the money for fancy names and ports is great for the manufacturers and if you like to brag about how much you spent. But, it's a free country for a little while yet, so get whatever makes you happy.
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