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Advertising on this site?


My name is Dan Newberry, and I'm wondering whether or not the site accepts advertising.

We have recently expanded our long range shooting classes in Southwest Virginia, and I'm also offering OCW handload consulting, for any interested. (OCW is Optimal Charge Weight, referencing the load development method I designed about a dozen years ago)...

Anyway, I don't see any ad banners and have not seen any clickable links in any signature lines... so I thought I'd better ask what the protocol here is, and if it's possible or not to purchase advertising, or to put a link to my website in my signature line (if signatures are allowed).

We are also hosting long range shooting matches here in SW Virginia, shooting steel out to 1040 yards. So far, the matches have turned out quite well, and we're still learning as to how to run them more efficiently so as to allow more than 20 shooters at a time.

Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. I note that TFL is high among google searches over and over again, seeming to rank above the vaunted when one searches for "rifle" or "shooting" and "forum"... so this seems like a popular place.

Thanks for any help and advice,

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