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First Frightening Experience

Hello Gents, First post here.
So today I had my first, sketchy experience. I'm home alone doing my homework when I hear the door bell go off. Once I walked up the stairs, I see a man around 6'3" with corn-rolls and baggy clothes standing outside of the sliding glass door. He was facing away so I could not see his hands or face. I yell through the sliding door, "Whatchya need?" Meanwhile my boxer is going nuts. The man doesn't respond, keeping his face away from me.
I knew something wasn't right. I'm 18, so I cannot conceal carry. I do however own a couple handguns. I run downstairs, call my father while I unlock my G17. The door bell then begins to ring at a faster rate. I walked back upstairs with the firearm loaded behind by back. What do ya know?, he's got his back to me again. I then go back downstairs and lock my door. I call my Grandpa who is a retired State trooper next door. He said he was on his way by time we were off the phone. I then head up stairs to confront the man while I had someone with me. I then begin to head upstairs, being VERY cautious not knowing if he's inside. The man was gone, and my Grandpa showed up seconds after I got upstairs. Neither of us seen where he went.
The reason I did not call dispatch was due to the fact that I didn't know if he had violent intent. He could have been broken down or in need of a phone. However his actions and behavior leads me to believe otherwise. My main mistake was going back downstairs. I should have kept my eyes on him while I used the phone. This incident makes me wish that the concealed carry age wasn't 21. I would have been able to keep my eyes on the potential threat and assess the situation while getting to my means of defense.
Was I wrong in not calling 911?
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