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Oh yeah , I really like my BHP a lot but I want a DA pistol in 9mm as well...yes , I got the bug !
I will start off by saying that the Sig is not a DA gun unless you add the DAK kit. It is a TDA (traditional double action - DA/SA), meaning that the first shot after decocking will be a double action trigger pull and all subsequent shots will be single action. Also understand that there is no manual safety like with your BHP; it only has a decocker.

That aside, I love Sigs, the P226 and P229 in particular. They are some of the softest shooting and most accurate guns that I have had the pleasure of shooting, and there are not many people who dislike them. Pretty much the only complaints you will hear about them are from people who don't like the TDA trigger style, and that is not a bad thing about the gun necessarily. Sigs are great shooters, and very beautiful guns (especially the Elite Stainless models)!

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