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Thinking of adding a Sig P229 Elite Stainless in 9mm

I bought my first 9mm semi auto earlier this year which is a Browning Hi Power w adjustable sights and now got the bug to add another semi auto in the same caliber ! Since I'd want something a bit different I was looking at Sig's and really like the feel and heft (not a conceal & carry pistol ) of the P229 Elite Stainless version ! Just wondering what others that may own one or tried one out think of the pistol and wouldn't mind giving a little review of pistol as far as its good qualities and maybe its bad qualities as well...since nothing is perfect ! I never owned a Sig... so any feedback would be helpful , thanks ! Oh yeah , I really like my BHP a lot but I want a DA pistol in 9mm as well...yes , I got the bug !
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