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It's actually hard to answer your question without knowing where you're going. I just came from Sitka, and it is far different than the Interior. If you're a hunter, where you're living will have a huge impact on many things. You also need to be weary of laws within each borough. Although state law is pretty unrestrictive as far as gun laws, the different municipalities will each have their own laws and you need to know them. Off the top of my head, according to state law, you're allowed to discharge a firearm on your own property, but try to do that in most cities/towns and some villages, and you'll be arrested pretty quickly.

Like has already been stated, you can carry concealed without a permit. Unlike Arizona (which gives some added benefit), for example, the only benefit you get for getting your permit is reciprocity and being able to skip the NICS check. Keep in mind that if you are carrying and law enforcement stops you, your are REQUIRED to notify them. Failing to notify can be an easy way to get a night in jail. Luckily, most of the State Troopers (and all of them I know) believe in an individuals right to carry a firearm, so that's a good thing. Even the liberal areas of Alaska (like where I'm from) are pretty darn gun friendly.
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