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Try a slower burn rate powder. (AA#2, Unique, 231, etc.)
What about 700X?

Are they keyholing?
Not at all, straight through. Actually, aside from the lead fouling the 4.4 load was insanely accurate

Stressfire, perhaps it's only the 92fs European (Italian) made guns that have such huge bores because they are notorious for having this issue - like 358" which is a heck of a lot bigger than .355". I don't know anyone up here with the US made version because frankly they're not much in demand.

But that makes your leading problem even more mysterious....

Edit: But now other questions now come to mind... like how are you loading these? Are you using crimp or Lee FCD? Have you pulled a bullet and measured it along its base to where it fits into the case?
Mine is the Italian version. To load I am using a straight 3-die RCBS set. Taper crimp only, and it does not appear to be biting into the lead at all.
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