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My problem with Taurus is that they seem to be inconsistent. Not going to get into everything I've shot, or seen shot, but sometimes they make a gun that works great, other times, it'd be better used as a doorstop. Case in point, the Taurus 1911, straight out of the box, that would FTE about every 8-16 matter who shot it, and how they shot it. I watched (and shot 8 rounds myself with an FTE) 5 other experienced shooters put 1-2 mags through it, and every single one got an FTE.

I'm sure it's just a problem with the ejector and any gunsmith worth his salt could probably fix it, but from that point on, gave me a bad taste in my mouth for Taurus products. I won't buy one, and I certainly wouldn't trust my life to one.
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