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up until 9 months ago every gun I had served it's own purpose and redundant guns irritated me.

my 243 was good for deer(which was all I hunted then)
my marlin 60 was good for varmints and plinking
my AR15 was bought just because it was obama scare 2008 and I wanted one before they became illegal.
my 9mm AR15 was a cheaper practice AR15
my XDM 45 was my bear defense pistol
my SR9C was my concealed carry pistol
my 300 WBY was my elk and larger game gun

then I got addicted to military surplus bolt actions until I had so many different calibers that limiting myself made no sense anymore. I would love to take the 1903A4 out to hunt deer but I am kindof looking to sell it before I dump any more money into it and dont want to be bouncing it off trees and rocks since I spent all spring restoring it.

my main problem is that the place I'm going hunting offers everything from 25 yard shots to 250 yard shots so on one hand a scope would be a good idea for long range shots but if I spook one up close the scope may become a hindrance.
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