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So I try to contact EAA and see what they can do for me. I explain exactly what happened to the seemingly nice lady and she asks me if I think it may be the magazine. I tell her that I don't know but that I am concerned about the excessive forward movement of the barrel. She then informs me that I need to send the gun back to them at my own expense and also include an additional $20 for return shipping. I explain that I have a defective, brand new gun and don't feel that I should have to incur any further costs as the gun left the plant defective. She is now no longer friendly and is firmly reciting their policy. According to EAA, even a brand new albeit defective gun is still considered a warranty issue and the buyer must pay shipping and the $20 for return shipping. She will not budge or listen to any reason. She then quips that the problem could have happened in transit and that they were not responsible for such things. I have no further options left at this point.
This is the EAA “customer service” standard response. It’s the reason I sold my two working Witness pistols and locked the non-working one in the safe.

As tacrancher said, EAA has the worst customer service in the industry. And they don’t care. Tanfoglio knows all about EAA’s reputation and they don’t care. I spoke to Mr. Tanfoglio at the SHOT Show a few years ago and as soon as he understood what I was talking to him about, he turned his back and ignored me.

Every now and then I hear that EAA has improved their service. Then I read another horror story like this.
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