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I don't shoot factory ammo but I do shoot bulk Rem bullets

I got 1000 of the 6mm 100gr and 80gr HP and after reading Taylorce1 post I went out and weight 30 of the 100gr. I got one bullet that bullet that weight 99.9gr next bullet was 100.1gr and the rest of the 28 bullet most heavy was 100.9grs. Next 30 I weight was 270 cal 130gr bullet. again had one bullet that weight 129.9gr and only heaviest was 132.1gr. I weight 30 cal 150gr only one weighted 149.7gr and heaviest was 152.6gr next I weighted 30 cal 165gr had one bullet that weight 164.2gr heaviest 165.9gr next was 30 cal 180gr lightest was 179.3gr heaviest 180.6gr. I've got some 7mm 150gr lightest was 149.6gr heavy was 151.7gr.

I had one rifle that didn't like the Rem 6.5 bullet it was little long throated for the VLD bullets was part of the problem plus them being FB didn't help.

I know there was talk maybe 7/8yrs ago about 2nd's from Rem in the bulk bullets and I sure watched what I was buying at that time.

I've gotten bullets that flat don't shoot in my rifles and I'm not about to waste my time weight/sorting and barrel wear trying to get them to shoot when their is other choices. Just because they don't shot in my rifle doesn't mean they won't in someone else rifle.
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