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Since this is in the revolver section I will start there.

I have to admit those are impressive numbers out of the BB load!

I started out with all 125 gr 357 mag loads. As my stable of guns where the 125 boomers might be ill advised grew (J frame 357's, mod 66) I went to 147 gr sivertip as a secondary load and now use that as my main carry for revolvers. the reasons are many --- concerns over gun longevity, a bit better penetration, a balance between uses as most of the time I carry a wheel gun it's woods / hiking and I am thinking about various other uses other than anti-person defense.

The other big factor for me migrating away from 125 was I was using BB's 125 gr speer JHP load when they shifted away from the speer projectile I tested out what they are loading now and it seemed to shred themselves and their jacket. Others have commented likewise on this. Makes no sense to me to pay premium prices and get a round loaded with a slug that is to my informal test and evaluation anything but.

Also the fact the 147 gr sivertips can be had in economical 50 round boxes helped.

In 45 colt most all of the rounds I have tried or carried are aimed at "larger than human" problems though I did try out the 45 colt sivertips, they are accurate and mild recoil in my gun. Never really tested them besides firing but thanks to the judge / senator etc. fad are easier to find then a few years ago, only use is as a defensive load when camping if say I end up staying in a hotel on the way etc.

In semi-autos I am either a 380 hydrashock guy. or 45 hydrashock II user. Mainly because of ease of feeding in guns I own, proven reliability and being able to find 50 round LE boxes cheap / easy. Sorry but the 20 round boxes carry ammo get danged expensive esp if one id proving function in a new gun.

The 380 hydrashock due to it's profile seems to feed well and is one of 2 choices for my one pistol (seecamp). It seems to do reasonable well in testing among the 380 choices that are available and admitting that 380 is very much a compromise round.

The 45 HST II round I have seen recovered from actual use a few times and have tested myself on various improvised media and have been very impressed with both the amount it expands and it's ability to stay in one piece.

Many of the rounds I have tried out in my revolvers are "hotter than normal" or "ruger only" when it comes to the 45 colt. I have good guns that will hold up to loads within reason. I don't run or really even want to know about +p, +P+, etc in my semi-autos. Just not interested in battering the gun for a few more FPS.

Just one guy's opinion
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