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Good looking hog. And rock thrower. From what I gather, we will almost exclusively be hunting the feeders from 50-100yds. I think I'll be posted up as close as I can get. I am very comfortable at 50yds and can almost always squeeze MOA or better out. I think I'll find the heaviest round I can and look below the ear.

With the cost of the trip, I don't think a new rifle is in the mix quite yet, so I'll have to do the best I can with what I've got. I hadn't considered the small quantity blood trail from a .223 wound. If I interpret that correctly, I'm guessing that ethically that means almost exclusively headshots. So time to get out the rifle and practice till I'm confident.

Any tips on dressing, butchering, etc...? Apparently we'll be going about
that solo as well.

Thanks a ton all.
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