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SWglockmagnum Despite the fact its stupid to do so and generally in bad form, if you have a chl in texas, and someone asks you for id, is it legal for you to flash your chl as a form of id?

This topic came up as a discussion between me and a friend and im curious.

I meam obviously if you are buying a car or opening a bank account and they ask for two forms of id, you can use it as a form of id but i mean like... Buying cigarettes or beer from a convenient store.
You can wear your CHL on a lanyard around your neck if you want.
I'm not sure why you would wonder if its legal to use as an ID....since that is exactly what it is.

It's up to the business if they will accept a CHL as proof of age, as it's a government issued photo ID and perfectly acceptable as ID ....even for boarding an airline flight.
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