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Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, Les Baer. They all have their pluses and minuses. When you're talking about these three, you're really having to be a harsh critic to separate. Personally, I think Les Baer is the best concerning fitment of the gun. His guns, by FAR have the tightest tolerances while still keeping reliability at a premium. He's extremely picky on how he and the gunsmiths that work for him produces his products. After touring his facility and seeing the quality of parts that go into his firearms, I see each and every one of them as a work of art. The only thing I see is his blueing is fair to midland on wear resistance. I don't give a rat's behind because I know of no blueing that's rich and beautiful and is as tough as, say, NP3. And if I was worried about it, I'd get his stainless. Wilsons and Browns provide a tougher finish if that's a concern.

Now, if you can to get REALLY serious, I recommend something that I honestly don't see ANY production minded business even touching his 1911. And that's Cylinder & Slide's 100th Anniversary 1911. Now, I know you might think, "Oh, dear God. This is one of those cheezy commemorative guns that has all the gawdy embellishments and enough gold plating to choke a horse". I beg to differ. Bill spent unfathomable hours researching what it would take to make a true 1911 right after the bugs have been worked out back in the day. He designed, engineered, and fabricated all of the tool & dies to make it happen. In the polishing alone, he averages over 40 hours labor...JUST TO POLISH. Here's the link. Be sure to read up on the updates he has on his site, too. They're a bit dated, but they give you a good idea how much he's invested in making a 1911 the way it originally meant to be.

I ordered an Army designated one. He's only producing 100 representing the Army, Navy, and Marines.
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