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Originally Posted by hhb
There is actually a National concealed weapons permit. It's called H.R. 218, Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004. Covers all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. Retired officers must qualify annually with the State requirement or the standard used by the Agency that qualifies them with the TYPE of handgun they carry. I do my annuals next week with a Sig P226 9mm & a S&W Mod. 10 38 spl.
No. That's LEOSA, not a "National concealed weapons permit."

Originally Posted by hhb
How many people have you met in public that you sent to prison?
As a (traffic court) prosecutor, I do send a few folks a week to jail. My buddies over in the local Prosecuting Attorney's office send bunches of folks to prison, and most of those attorneys carry regularly. None of them will be "qualified law enforcement officers" because they lack statutory arrest authority.
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