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Fine weapons. I'd buy one from the CZ Custom Shop, with trigger work already done. (Some need it, new in box, some don't.) I don't know if they all now come from the factory with the two-way adjustable trigger (for overtravel and takeup), but guns from the Custom Shop can have that feature.

The SA models have slightly different slides and frames, and ambidextrous safeties. These guns come in both .40 and 9mm. The .40 version has a full-length guide rod; the 9mm version does not.

Over the past 6-7 years, triggers straight from the factory have not been all that great, but they do improve greatly with use. With the SA, this is less of a problem -- but I'd still consider having trigger work done, up front.

You can get larger capacity mags from the CZ Shop, or just buy Mec-Gar 16-rounders.
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