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Again I will post to why the A-max is just as good as the Nosler Balistic tip.From day one I used the Nosler and I have never found a complete bullet from a deer.All I have found is small pieces if any at all.Now with that said many hunters around my neck of the woods use the Nosler Balistic Tip for hunting with great results.( same as I did ) Latter in life came the A-max and got me to thinking to what if this bullet will work.Well Lord and behold it does.

So I ask you again to why you think it should not be used as a hunting bullet.The two bullets work just the same.I have yet found any pieces of an A-max in a deer just as the balistic tip from Nosler,but still end up with a dead deer right in the tracks it ounce stud in.Yes,I too read the label but have choose to over look it.Just because one puts on a label not to use it for hunting does not mean it can't be used.( Example) a fork lift has a posted weight it can lift,but this doen't meean it cannot lift more.It's just a posted legal statement so you cannot sue them from saying yes,it's a really great hunting bullet but find it not to be.

It's all based on experience and this has been my experience with the A-max bullet.So again I say its ok to use from my experience.So its up to the OP to what he wants to do.He asked I answered just as you but I have experience to offer useing the bullet as he asked.
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