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NWPilgrim wrote:

IIRC the problem is that the cartels buying the F&F guns are the ones we were protecting (Sinanola?). It may have been part of our "working relationship" with the cartels: "Do us a favor and buy some guns from US shops, we will guarantee they will be sold to you and oh BTW, remember we gave you a few million dollars via drug purchases so you should have the cash to but these."

The whole thing stinks. DEA and ATF should both be hammered severely for playing so loose with the cartels.
Yes, the whole thing does stink, and a number of "government agencies/departments" should be hammered severely, which is perhaps an overly polite way of stating the case.

That having been said, we now come to the difference between the way things are, and the way they should be. I submit than none of the above specified or by inference referenced will end up with some much as a "hair seriously out of place", for the bureaucrats take good care of each other, and devil take the hindmost, that being The Body Politic or The Citizenry.
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