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Originally Posted by Constantine:
How did this chart even come about?
Looks like Hawks just cobbled together a few sources of data and published it.

Originally Posted by Constantine:
What's your take on this chart?
It is of little value since much of it depends upon the debunked M&S study for the One Shot Stop %s. It is pretty typical fare for Hawk's website- no surprise there- and I wouldn't put much stock in it. Seems like Hawks' 'site continues to remain frozen in the early 1990s.

There is also considerable debate regarding the existence of the Strasburg Goat Tests- the column labeled "AIT" is apparently meant to reflect data that source- despite its mention in a few gun magazines, no proof (documentation, photos, peer reviewed articles, etc.) of its

I am not sure where they got the gelatin penetration results- unsourced/generic "data" like that is hard to take seriously.
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