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Dan D.,

It's always useful to provide as much info as you can when you post something like this. The more relevant info the easier it is to help. Your original post...

My springfield milsoec has quite a bit of back and forth movement, I can get a fingernail inbetween the bushing and front of the that too much?

doesn't tell us all that much. The complaint could be over a cosmetic problem, meaning you don't like how it looks. Or you could of been wondering about the fit and curious about what is normal.

From your later post it seems the problem is that the gun is inaccurate and you are wondering if the bushing could be a problem. Ther could be some misfitted parts. It does happen from time to time.

Is the gun new and bought by you?

Is it used?

Are you new to 1911s?

Can you take it back to the store and have them look at it?

Have you tried different store bought ammo?

Has another shooter other than you shot the gun? What did they think?

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