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"One Shot Stop" chart...?

I don't have an opinion on this chart. I'm just confused...How did this chart even come about? Based on what?

What do you guys think about this?

They recommend .45's down here in law enforcement. Many different branches issue Glock 22's and/or your choice from a list. Which is a lot. North Miami Beach gives Hk USP .45's. Miami Gardens gets Glock 22's..etc... the whole "Anything starting with a number 4" is the way it is over here.

But this chart shows 9mm doing just as well if not better in some.

I'm not going to say my handgun caliber of choice.

What's your take on this chart?

I'm just going to add....we're taught "shot placement is king" everything else is just marginal. This one shot stop thing is a step under shot placement IMO.
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