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yeah CCCLVII for sure two or three is all you "need" or a drilling if we really streamline it

but I feel that even with 6 you could adapt to different hunts

heck for the price of a good drilling I could go for a couple of different setups rifle wise

For the hunting I do I would use (if I had them)
1: Bear/Boar/Moose gun for flushing/dog hunts something with a considerable punch, a reddot for quick shots
2: Scoped .308 or similar for blind hunting
3: Scoped .223 varmint, stalking roedeer hunts, threetop birdhunting long range
4: shotgun for birds
5: shotgun for rabbits/fox
6: .22lr for practise and small game (preferably a CZ so you could up the ante somewhat with a 22wmr or hornet

I mean my tikka now fulfills the role of 1,2,3 and it is not great at either
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