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We live in a tech-multi-media dominated world whereby cameras are almost as common as one's purse or wallet. Point being (that at least for me) when anything of substance occurs even in my (somewhat mundane) life as it is, I whip out my cell-phone and snap or record the event.
Not everyone has or wants a cell phone - I think you're assuming too much as the " least for me" comment indicates. I'm interested, however. Once you "whip out" your cell phone and capture the never-to-be-forgotten event - what do you do with the image file? How long do you save these priceless pictures?

To the OP - I have a SIG RCS. It has functioned 100% from the first day I had it and ran 300 rounds through it. Since then, it has never failed to function properly. I use Winchester PDX1 as a carry load and it runs those without hesitation.

The exterior of the gun is finished nicely. My only comment is the internal finishing on the gun is not nearly as nice as some of my other 1911's, BUT they all cost a minimum of 2x what I paid for the RCS.

I have enough confidence in the RCS that it is what I use for concealed carry.
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