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Wonder how much time it took for him to get that zeroed in. I wonder if the EOTECH can even adjust for that kind of drop. If I remember correctly a standard high velocity .22LR drops something like 40 inches at 200 yards and triples to 120 inches at 300 yards. Sure he didn't have a buddy with a .223 somewhere down the line shooting at his target? But seriously, that is some awesome shooting.
Don't get carried away by the 120" drop that only amounts to 42.8 minutes of angle. (I get 128" of drop out of my rifle using Remington Gold 40 gr bullets) Most decent scopes should be able to accommodate that and a shim under the front will make up for it if your adjustment is lacking. The Eotech should have 40+/- minutes of adjustment from its center setting so a 43 MOA adjustment is just out of reach if you are using a 50 yard zero. With the eotech zeroed at 200 yards he only has to account for 88" or just a hair under 30MOA. 1 full revolution of the knob gives you 10 MOA so use that for a start and save yourself a lot of counting. It's doable.
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