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I have questioned the same thing in a differnt post. My solutions are gonna be switching to a wheel for my EDC and more training. Right now I alternate from semi to wheel depending on the season and what I might be wearing. I shoot at this point both about equally as far as being on target, the revolver was harder to get up to speed with, but it is improving, and really I see no use for anything other than a wheel, for me. The very reason stated by you and drail are my reasons for making the switch; point and fire and low to no fail rate. I just want to be able to cc an adequate .357 sizewise, the light small models I've tried have not been good for me and anything over a 3' barrel won't work.

As far as my kid playing a prank he knows Pops carries a gun everywhere even in the house, don't sneak up on him for any reason, as far as the neighbors kid he knows better, he can tell by the lump o coal he's been gettin in his trick or treat bag.
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