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If you are wedded to .40 S&W, I would choose M&P 1st out of what you have listed. It was designed around the .40, many of the others on your list were not.

Beretta PX4 storm - Not really used by any major police force, some reputable trainers dislike due to durability/reliability (even the 9mm version and the .40 will be even harder on the guns parts). YMMV

Bersa Thunder - Never heard of a Bersa in .40, never heard of any police departments adopting or even authorizing them.

CZ p-07- Some people really like them, some don't. Well liked in competition circles

Ruger SR40 - No major police departments issue. Some reports of parts failures.

Sig Suaer P250 Nitron - VERY bad reputation, just do some Google searches, many major police departments dropped them hard due to reliability issues.

S&W M&P40 - Excellent reputation, many police departments adopted them, designed with the .40 in mind.

Taurus 840 - Taurus isn't known for high quality anything other than copies of the Beretta 92.

Springfield XD40 - Some people swear by them, others at them. No major police departments issue them. Do not have a good reputation in defensive training "experts" due to the grip safety. (I have personally had mud in the grip safety render one inoperative)

Glock 22 - Upscaled 9mm. Doesn't have the Glock reputation for durability that the 9mm does, has had cycling issues with mounted lights in the past. Supposedly fixed with the Gen 4 series.

As a new shooter, I would really recommend going with a 9mm. You will get similar if not identical results with quality expanding ammunition with cheaper practice ammo, less recoil and less wear/tear on the gun.

But it is your money. Go with what makes you feel comfortable.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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