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I don't have a decent answer for why you can't contact them, but I can tell you that it's a SMALL operation with a small handful of people. I know we say that all the time, but this is the real deal, couple of people and no more than that.

My local FFL was so enamored with the Coonan that my buddy bought (and maybe mine, shortly thereafter!) that they elected to become an Authorized Coonan Dealer. That was months ago and they still don't have any handguns to sell in the store.

As a side note, the same dealer was able to find a used Coonan Classic (that's what we call the current production models) and I don't know if he snagged it in a buy somewhere or if it walked in to the shop... but it needed a minor repair and he contacted Coonan and sent it to them and he had it back in a WEEK, ready to run. For the curious, the "problem" was the spring housing on the left side of the pistol that keeps the dual-ended spring for the slide stop and safety lever was coming unstaked. Yes, I know there is a term for that part, but I can't come up with it.

It's my opinion that the SHOT show probably blew up the list of guns that have been ordered and it's blocked up the operation something fierce.

Suggestion: Not your first choice, but there ARE some new Coonan Classic pistols on Gunbroker here and there, not a lot and not with the specific options you may want, but with decent prices. If you really want one right now, they do appear on there for a good price and brand new. For example, there is the base model with the fixed sights and one mag for $1,250, the same price that Coonan sells it at right off their website.

Check it out as an option.
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