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Help me decide on a handgun. I've narrowed it down.

I have been reading reviews and watching videos and I think I've narrowed down my list to what I'd purchase (not in order of preference):

1. Ruger sp101 4.2" .357 magnum revolver

2. CZ 75B (either 9mm, .40 or 45acp) - Would I be better off getting the sp-01?

3. Entry-level 1911 45acp (maybe Rock Island Armory)?

.357 is obviously great for range and defense and a revolver would be great for me. I'm just not sure if I should get a semi-auto or a revolver.

I learned .40 is not good for beginners because it's too snappy. I know 9mm is not the best for defense since it goes through walls, and has less stopping power than a .45. I read that .45acp is actually more of a push back than a vertical recoil, and I'm wondering if I could get used to it even though it would be my first pistol.

Ideally, I'd like a home defense gun that is fun at the range.

If I got a semi-auto, would it be better to go with a 9mm or just go ahead and get a .45 and just gradually get used to it?

BTW I don't have tiny hands, but my hands aren't large either. I guess medium.

I appreciate your feedback!!!
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