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Military brass vs Commercial brass, which would you choose?

I was reading around and came across some interesting posts on some other forums which spoke of the differences between commercial and military brass casings.

If I understood correctly, Commercial brass typically is thinner and can hold a slightly greater volume of powder but also comes at the cost of not being able to be reloaded as much, vice versa with military brass, they can be reloaded a few more times before they are no longer viable to do so and due to being thicker, tend to hold up a little better to rifles that really give spent casings a beating (Such as the PTR91/HK91 series of rifles)

I was wondering what you all prefer. Eventually I want to get into reloading, particularly for .308 (I'm looking at an FAL or a PTR91 for my first .308 rifle) and I was wondering if the trade off of case durability over being able to load hotter rounds is noticible at all (I'm a noobie, so please bear wth me)
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