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I think no shoots are a crucial part of competition and a good reality test.

Many times folks say that if a critical incident occurs, they will just take them out. I note that many scenarios may or may not be realistic but ...

In our last match, we had two BGs with a no-shoot in the center. You have to move towards the targets and fire. They were very tight. The NO-shoot was righteously hosed - by long time and skilled shooters. I forget what I did

It seemed that from the draw and on the first step, it was some combination of the stars and the poor innocent took it in COM and the head.

Oh, well!
Lat time I shot in competition the no kill target was wearing a white hat. A hit on him zeroed your score for the match and you were done for the day. Out of nearly 100 shooters he was plugged 4 or 5 times which was pretty good considering some of the shooters we had.
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