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Building a good backstop, how WIDE?

I have decided that come the spring I am going to have some dirt and other goodies delivered to the family property up in WI and finally build myself a proper backstop.

I have been using our septic mound; which is about 30' wide and is about 10' high as a backstop but because of where it is positioned I cannot really shoot from any further back than maybe 40-50 yards.
After some brush clearing I should be able to shoot with a clear line of sight to the backstop from about 150-200 yards away.

@ 200 yards; what would be considered a safe WIDTH of the backstop when shooting 223,308 and 30-06? I see a lot of talk about how high and how deep but not a lot about how wide.

I have a lot of space to work with; but I don't want to needlessly make the backstop wider than it needs to be.
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