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Sounds like you're ready to kill a bird come season.

Anyone ever tried an owl hooter locator call? Was just curious about them.
Have only hunted the Fall season a couple times but love the Spring season and yes, I use the owl and crow call considerably when I'm 'runnin and gunnin'. Sometimes they are effective, sometimes not. Just depends on the birds that particular day. Some days you can slam your truck door or quack like a duck and they answer. Some days they don't answer to anything.

Don't know how effective the owl call will be in the Fall season. Too, AFAIK, calling in the Fall is totally different then calling in the Spring and calls that work in one season may not work in the other. Too, since you probably know, when using the hen call, cadence is very important and certain cadence's that are used in the Spring breeding time and won't work in the Fall.
If I'm not mistaken, the 'assembly' cadence with a hen call is used a lot in the Fall.

One cadence you want to hear and know is the 'alert or alarm' cadence. It consist of several putts. You don't want to use that call cause as it works year around.

Last I looked, the ODNR website had a brief but excellent write up on the different tactics used when hunting turkey between the two seasons.

Hopefully, since you know the routes of these birds, you can just play the 'ambush game' and not have to call at all. But I promise, if you continue to turkey hunt, you will surely want to learn the different calls.

By the way, I'm wondering if from your screen name your a ham operator?
No sir, I am not. You're not the first to ask me that.
I just didn't use my head when thinking of a cute handle.
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