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The problem is if we lose one of those 5 votes we have been relying on to WIN these very important 2A cases in the next 4 years. The SCOTUS is scary close to shifting towards 5-4 votes AGAINST things like Concealed Carry and other firearms issues; so who is to say if EO's are abused to enact defacto AWB's that the SCOTUS would not back the administration in just a few short years.

Assuming we have a divided congress and white house after November and during the next 4 years; if you have a Senate controlled by people who are for an AWB and the house by those against it no Legislation will ever works its way through to go around the EO.

That is the only way I could see an AWB being passed/forced anytime soon; even with one party or the other having a slight majority voting for an AWB would be politicial suicide for many "moderate" candidates in both parties.

I cannot stress how important the November federal elections are going to be for gun owners and how potentially detrimental it can be as well. 1 vote in the SCOTUS and a President who is not afraid to use EO's to enact "common sense" gun control can spell decades of disaster for gun owners. I am not going to get into who is for what or against what but all of us here in the states need to make sure as gun owners we are voting for and electing people willing to protect our 2A rights.
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