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Originally Posted by g.willikers
...The cup and saucer, two handed grip is still useful for slow, precision shots when recoil control and fast shooting are not important.
It's essentially a one handed shot with the weight of the gun supported by the other hand...

I suspect that there might be something to this. I wonder if anyone has a documented study of the history and evolution of handgun shooting techniques.

The "cup-and-saucer" seems to do a decent job of helping steady the gun, but also seems less efficient for recoil management. While the current "hand-over-hand" technique seems to have developed largely for recoil management.
I think you are correct. If you look at the way people are now holding their carbines and rifles for practical/tactical applications, with the off hand far forward on the grip, rotated so the thumb wraps over the top, and compare this to a conventional "target" grip/stance with a rifle, you see that the two styles are for different purposes; the former is for quick transitions, and the latter is for best accuracy.
The cup-and-saucer allows the off arm to rest against the body, steadying the gun for a single, accurate shot, while extending both arms and wrapping both hands around the gun, allows for quicker follow-up shots.
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