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I inclined to believe (no proof) that the vast bulk of .40/180's are intended for the .40 S&W and thus designed to expand in the 800-900 fps range.

Drive those same slugs to good 10mm velocities, 1200 fps or so, and I;m not surprised they get fragged.

I'm thinking though that .40/200's are likely intended solely for the 10mm. If that's true, they should hold together better.
I think this is a good line of thinking. I'd expect 200gr bullets to be intended for 10mm, but any new bullets in the 155-180 range would be suspect.
I think the Nosler 135 was introduced before the .40 S&W, but the former may have been redesigned over the last twenty years, too.
XTPs are, by design, deep penetrators, and I have suspected that they would, if driven at 10mm velocities, penetrate less and expand more. testuser's chart appears to show XTP's operating at velocities covering the .40-10mm range.
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